Why advertise with us?

Targeted distribution

StreetWise is a digital, general interest monthly magazine available online at a monthly subscription.  Because is it digital, its reach is wide ranging and your brand can reach a wide geographic area.


Advertise your business and be part of something worthwhile

StreetWise has a unique mission – to donate its profits to helping homeless individuals become empowered to leave homelessness behind. There is no other publication like StreetWise and its unique appeal is set to prove popular with the socially conscious with disposable income.  Your business will benefit from the positive reinforcement of supporting a serious social issue.


Why advertise in a magazine?

Magazine readers are more likely to flick through every page of a magazine, meaning you stand a better chance of reaching your target customers than any other advertising medium.

We can also feature advertising features.  Is your business celebrating a milestone?  Has it achieved something remarkable? Have you employed specialists you want to showcase?


How much will it cost and will it be worth it?

We are lucky to have minimal overheads as we don’t rent swanky offices or have big salaries to pay.  The only people who get paid are the great freelancers who write our content as their skills count towards keeping readers engaged and will consequently increase the chances of your adverts being noticed and remembered.

We try and keep our advertising fees as competitive as possible and run discounts and promotions to help you keep your costs down.  If you tell us what your budget is, we can advise you on what we can do for you.

When we lay out an edition, we place advertisements in relation to the content, giving them an increased chance of being noticed and remembered.


What do I need to do?

Once you decide on the size of advertisement you want to place and provide us with a print-ready PDF file so we can slot it into our layout.


You have never run an ad campaign before – how is it done?

Decide what you want to promote about your business and how long you want your promotion to run for.  If you need your advertisement designed for you, we can arrange this for you or refer you to a designer.  Once you are happy with the cost and design, we can go ahead and get it finalised for you.  You can run the same advertisement on a repeat basis, or make changes to it as your business needs change.


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Or e-mail us at: info@wearestreetwise.org.uk