Jennifer Forrest

Jennifer is the Managing Editor at StreetWise and is responsible for the Editorial policy for what will be all four StreetWise publications.

Having worked in about every sector in existence, including publishing, Jennifer also has BA(Hons) in Journalism & Sociology.  Harbouring a desire to accumulate even more debt, she went on to complete an MA in Human Rights & Ethics, and a sucker for more punishment, began a PhD.

SteetWise came along and something had to give, so the Doctorate has taken a back seat for the time being and has been replaced with writing features and editorials, and planning content for the magazines our SPPs will sell.


Jonah Ogbuneke

Jonah Ogbuneke is President of the Big Change Society and Chairman of the Manchester Students Ending Homelessness project.

An aspiring social entrepreneur, Jonah’s interests include many artistic mediums and passions.

This University of Manchester chemical engineering under-graduate has a clear, motivated passion for engaging with social issues.

Jonah’s latest project is the hip-hop entendre entitled Love for the Streets – part of the Manchester Students Ending Homelessness campaign.



Millie Forrest

Millie is currently studying at Goldsmiths, University of London.  With interests in writing, art, photography and music, Millie enjoys exploring various mediums, particularly menus and online checkout baskets.

Currently negotiating student life and determined not to conform to stereotypes, Millie will give us a weekly update on the adventures of a Cosmo girl at large.

Growing up in a family where taking yourself too seriously was out of the question, the spills will feature in equal measure to the thrills.



Stacey Farley

Stacey is passionate about travel, culture and people.

Still only in her twenties, Stacey has travelled and lived all over the world. She contributes travel pieces about destinations near and far to Street Wise.

The journey continues @StaceyFarley_



Nicole Johnston

Nicole has a misspent youth in government, politics and the third sector with far too many hours at university getting her degree in Politics and Masters in Public Policy. Her PhD was a step too far and she abandoned it to write fiction novels.

She has been a communications and policy advisor to a range of senior ministers in the UK and Australia and loved it.

She left contracting to open her own business specialising in writing because it is her passion, but still dabbles in communications and policy.